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    Use this Templet When applying For Staff


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    Use this Templet When applying For Staff

    Post  Unforgiven[PM] on Wed Aug 22, 2012 3:42 am

    Please use this template to apply for Staff.
    How old are you? :
    What is your name? :
    Where do you live? :
    What is your IN Game Name? :
    State/City :
    What can you help with? :
    What spot do you wanna be? [PH] [GM] [PM]:
    Why do you think that is the right spot for you? :
    How long can you be online a day? :
    Do you have a mic? :
    Do you have Skype or Ventrilo? :
    Any other things we should know? :
    Previous experience with servers:
    And if you apply for staff and are accepted and do not login with in 60 days you will be terminated and the will be no questions ask!!!!!!!!!!


    E-Mail :

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