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    staff Application for rainbow_dash


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    staff Application for rainbow_dash Empty staff Application for rainbow_dash

    Post  rainbow_dash on Fri Mar 15, 2013 8:10 pm

    How old are you? :16
    What is your name? :Brandon Coffman
    Where do you live? :Daytona beach, Floarida
    What is your IN Game Name? :Rainbow_dash
    State/City :Daytona
    What can you help with? :I can help with chat, and people in game that dont know what they are doing as much as I can.
    What spot do you wanna be? [PH] [GM] [PM]:(PH)(GM)(PM) any of them will suit me.
    Why do you think that is the right spot for you? :I think I should be staff mostly because I have experience helping people out with problems.
    How long can you be online a day? :5-15
    Do you have a mic? :Yes, I have a microphone.
    Do you have Skype or Ventrilo? :I have both I prefer skype but ventrilo is good to.
    Any other things we should know? :I once tutored a disabled kid that had metal problems so I think I can handle most situations. My chat name is "Brandon".
    Previous experience with servers:yes, I have played on most servers and none of them I liked the most but this one.
    And if you apply for staff and are accepted and do not login with in 60 days you will be terminated and the will be no questions ask!!!!!!!!!! I can deal with that, I will be hear every day though no worries

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